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August 2020

God’s Thoughts Are Not Like Ours

August 2nd, 2020|

A lot of thoughts and opinions were raised about the coronavirus pandemic. On the one hand, our ears were daily tuned to the announcements coming from the government and public health authorities. On the other […]

July 2020

In Tough Times, Mother was Tougher

July 26th, 2020|

Growing up in Korea some years after the Korea War, I was so proud of my father who studied in America. I remember how in grade school teachers customarily asked survey questions like, “Anyone has […]

People who make the way

July 19th, 2020|

Rep. John Robert Lewis, civil rights legend and longtime Georgia congressman, passed away last Friday at the age of 80. Reading the news, I thought about my visit to Albany in southwest Georgia some twenty […]

Grace in Dislocation

July 5th, 2020|

I spent this Fourth of July morning looking for one of my hearing aids that had suddenly gone missing. A good two hours of GPS tracking was to no avail. Then my two daughters, who […]

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